Land Rover
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Campaign exploration for Land Rover. Bilboards would be up during the winter and would reveal a different message when it would snow using clear acrylic plates to gather the snow, reminding drivers of how the car was built for extreme circumstances.

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A direct mail campaign done for Land Rover Discovery owner who had not switched over to the new Land Rover LR2. With the knowledge that LR2 looks a lot tougher and closer to the LR Discovery with a kit, the campaign was meant to distribute a kit offer. The campaign used masks in conjuction with Land Rover’s “worldly” brand personality to speak to the unique world-traveled, rugged personalities of Discover owners and compared the masks to the kit offer.

A newspaper insert distributed among wealthy zipcodes that spoke to the worldliness of the Land Rover brand in a premium way by showing the places only Range Rovers can get to in the enchanted parts of Europe.

The Land Rover owner’s manual for 2008, included owner’s cards, registration cards, and a booklet covered in vellum with foil stamping.

Copywriter: Lori Loder
Creative Director: Mike Davis
ACD: Nick Rooth
Photography: Kamil J Krawczyk